You me,
Let’s get naughty.
Let’s make it hot.
Let’s have an affair.

Give me a secret name,
I’ll give you yours.
Put on your new dress,
I’ve discovered a new place we can go.

Stare at me when in a crowd,
Wink at me for my eyes to see.
Tease me with your laughter, warmth and smile,
Melt me with your words, care and style.

Conspire with my friends.
Leave a me note under my pillow.
Call me out of the blue.
Whisper sweet words no other is supposed to have a clue.

In secret,
Make me a gift.
Play some romantic music,
Let’s dance just us two.

Break away
From your usual routine.
Meet me there,
Where the grass is green.
Squeeze my hand,

As we walk in the breeze.
Run away,
Let me catch you if I can.
Let’s get a password,
They don’t need to know our kinky business.

Cherish our escapades,
Under lock and key.
Don’t answer your calls,
Let’s keep it private, innocent and sweet.

Let’s feel like we felt when we first loved,
Though for years, we have loved each other.
Let’s not be like other couples,
Boring, dull and dry.

Let’s keep discovering,
What adventures love can find.
Let’s have a lifelong love affair,
That’s why I chose you to be my wife.

Just to spice things up,
I’m having an affair with my wife.
Don’t charm a new woman,
Old is gold, stick to the wife you know.
Don’t woo a new flame, fire the flame you have.
Keep pursuing the one wife you have.

About ngugiteresia

A student in KIMC, Editor,Singer
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