There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as dating or being married to someone who is unsure about what they want with you: at one point the person loves on you, then another point the person makes you feel unwanted saying you two can’t be a couple; the person pushes you away, then when you do go away the person wants you back; the person tells you it’s over, then suddenly the person calls you to come over; the person wants to stay married to you, but still act single; the person switches from “I love you” to “I hate you” in seconds; the person makes you feel so good, then abruptly becomes disloyal and dismissive.

It’s worse when you have a child/children with such a confused individual.

This roller coaster of breaking up and making up is a nuisance.

A mature soul needs clarity. A mature soul just wants to know “Are we a couple or not? Are you leaving me or are you staying? Make up your mind because I have no time to waste in games”

Stop playing mind games on your partner/spouse. Choose today; either you are fully in that relationship/marriage or fully out of it? Do not be one foot it, one foot out. Love is not moody; love is a constant. Love is predictable and dependable. Love is a fact, not a theory… Give clarity.

Strong relationships and marriages are not built on shaky and uncertain grounds.

The person you are with can handle rejection. If you no longer need him/her, make it clear so that he/she knows where they stand. It is better to be rejected and move on with a clear heart, than to be cheated on by a grown up who doesn’t know what they want.

About ngugiteresia

A student in KIMC, Editor,Singer
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