Yes, I have said it. I love you and I am proud to tell you that. One of the things I need you to learn as a man: Do not be afraid to show and express love; for without love, your masculinity has no value.

You are not your physical body, inside you is a human spirit that defines you; let’s call him your inner man. As you go to the gym, eat right and work on your physique; remember to pay even more focus to your inner man. Your inner man determines the caliber of man you will be. A neglected inner man in a grown man’s body, is of little value.

Your inner man needs God. Do not be like me, finding God in my old age after years of rebellion wandering in the desert. Seek God while young, while He can be found. The truth is, almost every man starts to think deeper about God when old age check in and the realization of how fragile life is hits hard. Don’t do the right thing so late in life.

My son, do not be like me. I have made many mistakes that costed me. A number of decisions I regret to date. Like many in my generation, I didn’t have a father figure who held my hand so I had to learn by trial and error. In my hit and miss, I have hurt many, I have caused the shedding of tears. Many men in our generation mess up because our fathers messed up being absent, setting a bad example, rejecting their own children, failing to lead their family or thinking that being a father is merely paying bills and providing material things.

My son, I will not let you be like me. Be better than me. Learn from my scars, stand on my shoulders and go further, allow me to mentor you. Let me teach you what to do, let me teach you what not to do, let me teach you character, how to love a woman, how to work hard and smart, how to pray, how to find yourself, how to be a father, how to run a business, how to handle money, how to tame your manly ego. A man has immense strength that can either be wasted and misused; or channeled to create prosperity and value.

I will pour myself in you. Do not start from scratch yet I am around. Let me be your life coach. I intend to leave my inheritance for my children’s children; an inheritance that is not just about financial wealth, but also spiritual, emotional and intellectual wealth. Love wisdom, always challenge yourself.

My son, I struggled in life so that you shouldn’t. And what I impart in you, please share it to the men who come after you. Let it be that from me going down the family tree, the men in our family will be men of substance.

Men have largely let society down; they abandon their families, start wars, perpetuate corruption, steal, beat up their wives, rape and have been the source of much pain. But no, not in our family. The men in our family will forces of good.

May you carry my name with pride and honor.

About ngugiteresia

A student in KIMC, Editor,Singer
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